Sports- Mix Martial Art


It wasn’t called that way until the year of 1993 when the first open on cage tournament of freestyle martial arts formed, so-called Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the US. Many martial arts fighters from various martial arts discipline and background went into the cage ring in an attempt to reach the best and most effective martial arts ever. The game reached their ultimate popularity until even more than 2 decades as of now.

9-7In the ancient times, Greek fighters gathered and fight each other in the name of the sport so called Pancratian. It involved grappling and various on ground fighting styles. This was the time when wrestling introduced openly, which then adopted by the Romans at later years. This perhaps the origin of one of the famous wrestling style called Greco-Roman style came from.

During thousands of years, many places have their own fighting and combat martial arts disciplines. India and China are some of the places where the skills grew out rapidly into countless styles and disciplines. Kung Fu was known to be various in styles as well as ancient India martial art Kalarippayattu too.

9-6In the modern time, back then in the years of 1920’s was the time when the first member of Gracies family from Brazil brought over their newly invented effective combat skill so-called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into the US. They openly challenged anyone to come and fight on their garage to beat any of their fighters seemed to be one of the most effective ways to introduce the style and many people witnessed how effective the style is.

Gracie family was one of the founders in a modern UFC and until today, their reign never seems to be down where more and more people adopted the styles and their fighters remain to be one of the most competitive fighters on the famous games of UFC.

My thanks goes out to my cousin Ken and his crew who seem to be the best at Roofing Tyler Tx. He contributes a lot to my blogs and we are so thankful for them. He is also a UFC fanatic and has followed the sport over the years and has even taken martial arts himself growing up.